Sirqus Alfon


Sirqus Alfon is a swedish trio creating stage performances influenced byt technology and audience interaction. They also offer a wide range of acs for any kind of event. During the past year Sirqus Alfon has toured several countries with their performance I am Somebody. They won the Overall Pick of the Fringe Award in Adelaide 2017, Best Circus at World Fringe Perth 2020 and they were also scouted to be part in America´s Got Talent. Currently they have two different productions on tour: I am Somebody and Play 3.0

Follow the Rabbit is the executive producer and agent for Sirqus Alfon. 

”Sirqus Alfon is a breath of fresh air. It’s innovative, it’s clever, it’s unique, and it’s downright entertaining.”
– Channel 44

”The way they use light, cameras, live feeds and sound is so skilful as to inspire genuine awe.” -To Do List

”Sirqus Alfon is a high-octane ride, electro clown ride through a bizarro post-internet world of pop culture, music, light and video.” – The Adelaide Review

For more info on their performance and event concept please visit the website of Sirqus Alfon.
Photo credits: Klara G


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